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Drop off Pick Up


Each year we like to review many of our procedures. We find this is a help to new and returning families. Our buses stop on the north side of the building. Parents pick-up and drop-off on the south side of the building. In the mornings, please use the curb lane only to drop-off students. We will have a supervisor in the drop-off area from 8:35 until 9:00 to help your child(ren) exit the vehicle. Please pull forward to the assigned area. Do not let children exit the vehicle without supervision. Do not let children off in an area where they need to cross a parking lot to get into the school. After school, we will use both lanes to load students for pick-up. There will be two supervisors to load students into your vehicle. We will alternate between lanes as we load students. If your student is not in line and ready to get into your vehicle when you get to the loading area, you may be asked to pull around so traffic is not held up. All students need to be escorted to vehicles by an adult. If you park across 24th, it is important that you and your child(ren) use the crosswalk in front of the main entrance when crossing the street. It is important that we are safe at all times, and we should model appropriate behavior for the children.